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Unflinching sexual-violence campaign conveys harsh facts

Unflinching sexual-violence campaign conveys harsh facts

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A stark, in-your-face campaign launching today across digital video, TV and out-of-home in Hong Kong forces viewers to confront facts about sexual violence, including non-consensual sex within marriage (aka, rape).

The campaign on behalf of Rainlily, a service of the Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women (ACSVAW), was led by Dentsu Mcgarrybowen, with Carat handling the media and Isobar ravamping the RainLily donation page and providing website and experience design services. 

The campaign hashtag, #OneinSeven, refers to the proportion of Hong Kong women who have been victims of sexual violence.

Linda S.Y. Wong, executive director at RainLily:

It’s never easy for victims to speak out and seek help. Fear and victim-shaming are often the reasons they remain quiet. We provide care for the victims with our best ability and resources. However, care from their family and friends is the most critical. We see the urgency to break the silence, and we are indeed grateful to have Dentsu International as our communication partner to make that happen. From there, we aim to gain more support from the society, where we can put forward more initiatives in education and prevention, tackling the issue from the core.

Ad Nut commends the agency for the befittingly hard-hitting approach. The film couples harsh and disturbing facts with some very fine performances showing the pain victims endure. It’s a potent combination, heightened by the filmmakers’ refusal to let you look away—while the phenomenal soundtrack chills you to the bone. And importantly, both the film and the OOH ads shown above centre types of sexual harassment and violence that many people fail to consider serious.  

See the Cantonese version of the film.


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