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iQiyi’s ad about ads is better than you might expect

iQiyi’s ad about ads is better than you might expect

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Ad buyers are people too. That simple truth lies at the heart of the above film from F5 Shanghai for mainland movie and video site iQiyi. While watching the fun living-room interactions of a TV-watching family, we can’t help but absorb several lessons about iQiyi’s value as a smart-TV advertising platform. 

Said Adams Fan, chief creative officer at F5:

Rational data and facts are indeed the most persuasive, but we had to strike the right balance between facts and entertainment. We had to communicate the information in more effective ways. We showed how cold, hard facts can be translated into warm and memorable stories.

Ad Nut agrees, Adams. Nice job.

Ad Nut also wonders how the ad is being distributed to make sure it reaches the intended audience of advertising decision-makers, and has dispatched a minion to request details about this.


Brand: iQIYI
Agency: F5 Shanghai
Chief Creative Officer: Adams Fan
Senior Copywriter: Maureen Peng
Account Management: Pan Gu
Project Management: Maureen Peng
Art Director: Potato Zhang